Understanding the need

CDPD was born of a determination to improve the delivery of health promotion and chronic disease management services.

The program addresses the adverse impact that unengaged healthcare teams have on patient outcomes as well as the unwelcome financial consequences for general practice.

Seizing the opportunity

The leap forward comes from patient management processes that deliver real, measurable improvements in patient outcomes and profitability.

CDPD empowers the whole clinic team with individualised, actionable strategies and coaching to help make important, sustainable changes.

For doctors, CDPD is an all-new approach that leads to a more effective allocation of existing practice resources and a significant reduction in the personal burden of case management.

As GPs continued to see increasing complex patient numbers, the incidence of preventable conditions soared and the paradigm of “disease care” medicine showed no signs of changing, CDPD began the process of developing a new approach to care management.